Welcome to Southgate Eye Care

Experience unparalleled eye care at Southgate Eye Care. We’re a team of optometrists located in the Southgate Mall. Our clinic combines advanced technology with compassionate service. Dedicated to prioritizing your comfort, our team provides expert care to ensure the clearest vision.

Services We Offer

Vision Care

At Southgate Eye Care, we understand that each patient's vision needs are unique. That's why we specialize in creating a custom experience. Whether you come in for a routine check-up or need a targeted diagnosis and treatment, you’ll receive the best care.

Dry Eye Treatment

Our Southgate optometry team provides superior eye care, specializing in managing and treating dry eye syndrome. Suffering from symptoms like dryness, itchiness, redness, or a gritty feeling in your eyes? Our skilled professionals use the latest advancements to offer effective relief. Experience top-tier eye care and explore our robust solutions.

Eye Examinations

Our Southgate eye doctors are always ready to assist you, whether you need a routine eye exam or have specific concerns about your eye health. Our highly trained professionals have the expertise to diagnose and treat a broad range of eye conditions. Emergency eye care services are available outside regular business hours for urgent needs. Trust our skilled team to provide advanced, compassionate care whenever needed.

Discover Southgate Eye Care

Our experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists at Southgate blend cutting-edge technology with a warm, welcoming environment to ensure your eye care experience is second to none.

We offer advanced eye examinations and specialized treatments for conditions such as dry eye syndrome, providing comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages. Trust us to set new standards in comfort and quality with every visit.

Our Southgate Optometrists

Meet your Southgate optometry team! Learn more about our highly experienced team. We’re proud to deliver exceptional eye care services to you.

FAQ at Southgate Eye Care

We understand that concerns about your eyes or upcoming eye examinations can be a source of anxiety. At Southgate Eye Care, we’re committed to making your visit as comfortable as possible. Browse our frequently asked questions to help prepare for your appointment.